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  Anything is possible, if you think it is worthwhile
  If you’re willing to go the distance, to go the extra mile.
  With determination and effort, you can often achieve more
  Because you don’t always get what you wish, but what you work for
   excerpt by: M Underwood      
9 - 10 Baseball Florida STATE Tournament
Hosted by San Carlos Little League - Sponsored by Camping World

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CONGRATULATIONS:  Plant City Little League - 2015 state of Florida CHAMPIONS

Concussion Information provided for Little League Volunteers
Little League Baseball and Softball has always been at the forefront regarding the safety and well-being of children.

In an effort to provide all Little League personnel with the most current information on concussions, the youth baseball organization has created an informational page on its website that also includes links to training information and ways to recognize signs and symptoms of a concussion.

As the assessment and treatment of concussions and concussion-like symptoms has evolved, many states have enacted laws designed to educate people about concussions, and protect the health and safety of young athletes.

Little League International has compiled a summary of all currently-existing and proposed state laws regarding concussions. The summary of concussion-related state laws can be found at: http://www.littleleague.org/learn/programs/childprotection/concussions.htm.

Some state laws are only applicable to school-sponsored athletics, or to activities taking place on school-owned property. Other laws are applicable to all youth sports organizations, whether, or not, they are affiliated with a school district.

It is strongly-recommended that local leagues consult with legal counsel in their jurisdiction to determine the applicability of state laws regarding concussions occurring while children are participating in the Little League program.

Not every state has adopted concussion laws and not every state's concussion law is applicable to a local Little League program. Nevertheless, in keeping with its focus on protecting the health, safety and welfare of children, Little League Baseball and Softball strongly encourages all leagues and teams to not only comply with any applicable state laws, but also to review the information and training materials on concussions which is available (free of charge) on the Centers For Disease Control website. The latest concussion information from the Centers for Disease control can be found at: http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/online_training.html.

It is essential that each league review this material in order to understand its responsibilities regarding when and how to address concussions.

Interested in Scorekeeping?  Want to keep involved in a game?

 Check out the manual that was created by San Carlos Little League to help you answer any questions you might have on how to keep a score book.

Scorekeeping for Dummies 101 Scorekeeping_for_Dummies_101.pdf
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